Bridal Henna and Mehndi Art in Canada

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Proved by various researches and traditions, Mehndi is quite an exceptional antidote for hair loss and fragility which has primarily resulted in its silent overwhelming popularity. Mehndi greatly encourages the growth of the hair and strengthens their roots and prevents hair thinning. Working as a conditioner and a dye, it has become quite popular among men as well especially for their beards.

For the application of Mehndi on the hair, first of all, you need to get the packed Henna powder which contains all the essential additives already. You just need to add plain water to create a paste which is not too runny or thick in consistency. Besides, you can also add few drops like 5-6 of Hair oil for better results.

While applying the Henna, it is essential to use glass or plastic butter- knives and avoid metallic or steel ones. It is required only near the roots and not on the complete length of the hair. One by one, removing small streaks of hair to one fixed side spread the Henna with the help of the knife so that it completely covers the evident scalp of the head. Whilst presuming the task, cover the whole head from above to the scalp nearer to the neck.

Bridal Mehndi Designer in Mississauga

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The application-of-Mehndi process is so far complete. Cover the head with a black scarf or any other black material to prevent leaking of the paste to the face or neck whilst it gets hotter due to the temperature of head. Keep the Henna for maximum 4-6 hours intact with the head to achieve the best results in the form of colour as well as nourishment. For removing the dye, wash with medium- hot water and slowly scrub the hair but not with much speed or intensity otherwise it can break the hair. It is important to repeat the procedure once a week for the whole successive months to enhance the condition of hair with guarantee and get the best results!

History of Henna Design

The use of Henna in the 4th-5th centuries in the Deccan of western India is clearly illustrated on Bodhisattvas and deities of cave wall murals at Ajanta, and in similar cave paintings in Sri Lanka. Today people all over the world have adopted the ancient traditions of adorning their bodies with the beautiful natural artwork created from the henna plant. Commercially packaged henna, intended for use as a cosmetic hair dye, is available in many countries, and is now popular in India, as well as the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. The color of henna depends upon its place of origin and the quality of plant cultivated there. The evidence proves henna usage in India seven centuries before the Moghul invasion, and hundreds of years before the inception of the Islamic religion, which began in the mid-7th century AD.
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Learning New Ways To Take Care Of Your Baby

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There is nothing anything in the world similar to welcoming a new living into your own little space ready only for them. After you have entered into that miraculous new world of an amazing newborn baby or possibly the baby is not yet here but approaching! There are a lot of new thing to think about once you have welcome a newborn angle into the world. This can be quite an irresistible occurrence yet before the baby comes in the world. Think how wonderful this will be after the new baby born! Everyone is beginner at the time of first child but it is great to know that there are a lot of parents who have come ahead of us and who can assist us to make all the significant decisions that we will require to make.

But at times, your baby may not be well or have fever. Many parents experience waking in the middle of the night to find their baby crying and having temperature. When you touch the forehead of your child, it may feel warm. You suspect a fever, but not sure whether to take your baby to doctor. The best thing when you suspect that your babies temperature is higher than usual is to use thermometer to measure the temperature. But with ordinary thermometer its not easy to take temperature as small kids do not allow the thermometer to remain in their mouth or arms for long. You may use new advance thermometers, such as forehead thermometer for babies by placing the thermometer on your kid”s forehead, or by holding it in front of the forehead up to 5 cm away. These thermometers uses ultra-sensitive sensor to get fast and precise temperature readings.Forehead_Thermometer_UK

Giving Baby Solid Food

When your baby is about six to eight month old, you should give him or some solid foods. Infant”s digestive systems are very weak in the early stages. So you need to first start giving foods that can be easily digested. Starting solid foods much earlier can increase the risk of an allergic reaction or can make more difficult for your little kid to learn to self-feed. The best food to start with is rice cereal. It is mild and easy to digest. Nurse or bottle-feed your baby first, otherwise they’ll be too hungry and just get frustrated. Mix a small amount of cereal with enough water, breast milk, or formth and don’t try to swallow it, they are probably not quite ready yet. If they do swallow it, try another bite. At first they may not eat much, but once they get the hang of it they will eat quite a bit.

Once your baby is doing well with the rice cereal, you can start introducing other foods. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to introduce vegetables first, and then fruit. Otherwise, your baby will be used to the sweet fruit and may not want to try the veggies. Only introduce one new food at a time, and allow 2-3 days in between each new food to make sure your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction. Don’t introduce a combo food until your baby has tried each type of food in it individually. Meat should be introduced last. You should continue giving your baby breast milk and/or formula until they are a year old. Continue reading

Photography Tips: Know The Camera Better Before Starting

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To become a better photographer, the person must first have some idea with what he or she should be doing. How can the aspiring photographer be the great photographer he or she wants to be when the person has no idea of his equipment yet?

The best way to start out is by knowing your equipment better. Be one with your equipment. The more you feel good with your equipment the better results you will get with your photos. You also need to have all the necessary accessories require for a good photographer. Accessories like camera strap, balancing tools, camera bag, tripod and also power bank to charge up your smartphone.

Get to know your camera better

The first thing you should do is read the manual. This will be a bothersome thing to do for some, but it is important to read the manual to know more about the features of the camera. Practice with the camera while reading the manual. Also bring the manual everywhere you go, so that when problems or questions arise, you can always consult with the manual easily.

Always be Prepared

It helps to always have back up memory cards, batteries or films always with you. Aliens may want to have their picture taken and you have the problem of not having any battery, memory or film. Also remember to have backup files of your photos. So that when your computer crashes, the shot of a lifetime you had will not be wasted when your computer crashes down.

Acclimate your camera

Different temperatures or climate can have some effect on your camera. I.e. your camera will experience condensation when you store it in a cool place like your automobile and bring it out on a humid climate. To prevent this from happening, open the camera bag and let warm air circulate for about 30 minutes. This will let the condensation dry and prevent the condensation damage the camera. Also remember not to leave the camera in places where the heat is too much.

You may also use silica bags that are found in some medications and place them inside the camera bag. These silica gel bags will also help out prevent moisture.

Protect the lens

Put a UV/Skylight filter that will help prevent damage on the lens. Replacing a whole new lens or camera will be more expensive than a scratched lens.

Remember to use the straps

Why in the world would camera makers include the neck straps if it’s not for some use? It is to be used to prevent the camera from falling off your hands. So remember to put the strap on your neck when going out with the camera.

It pays to place the camera inside a plastic bag with a hole cut out for the lens during rainy, misty or snowy days. This will help you buy some time to capture moments during those bad weathered days. Do remember not to get carried away, because there is still a chance the camera may get damaged.

Get some tripods and bean bags

Few Tips For Improving iPhone Battery Life and Performance

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iPhone buyers who have been facing issues with the iPhone battery life have come to the right place. It is an issue that has not been addressed by the manufacturer. In this article we will try to explain you why your iPhone battery drains out so fast and what you need to do to fix this problem. If you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can get longer battery life out of your iPhone 6. Even though Apple has released many updates to iOS 9 after the initial release of the firmware back in September last year, the battery life drain issue still appears to be there for many users on a number of iOS devices. In iOS version 9 when you go in settings you will get a new section called Battery. It displays some helpful information and gives you good knowledge about your battery life.

The Average Battery Life For The iPhone 6

Some iPhones have fallen victim to a bug in the operating system, causing the battery life to last much, much shorter than expected. Apple advertises up to 300 hours of life for an iPhone device kept in standby, without making any calls or running any applications. The most obvious resolution would be a bigger battery. This poses a problem for Apple as the iPhone 6S shares the same chassis as the 5, so there’s not a lot of additional space to play with. Regardless it has managed to increase the size from 1440mAh to 1560mAh, about 8%. Apple’s iOS complements the hardware and apps as a result of which the battery utilization is low and optimizations is pretty high. iOS updates aren’t supposed to have a negative effect on overall battery life on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And with Apple touting an iOS 9 battery life boost, we’re not surprised to see people expressing their frustration.

Lesser Known Tips For Increasing The Battery Life of the iPhone 6

Many users are still struggling with the battery life of the iPhone 6. There are a few fairly obvious ways to make it last much longer, but these are some that you may not have thought of yet. Apple recommends several usage behaviors to maximize the battery life of an iPhone. Keep the phone as near as possible to room temperature, and avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. If you are heavy user of mobile phones then along with below tips, you may also need a power bank for iPhone to keep your phone always charged even when you are out of home or office.
Push Mail
When your mail is set to push, it means that your iPhone maintains a constant connection to your email server so that the server can instantly push the mail to your iPhone as soon as it arrives. First of all, the terms fetch and push refer to how your email gets to your iPhone or iPad. With Fetch, your device connects to the internet, checks your email server for new emails, and then downloads them. With Push, it’s the server that does the heavy lifting, notifying your email client when there’s new email to be downloaded.
First up, find out whether your email provider uses the Push method or the Fetch method. Open your Settings app with a tap and then tap into Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on the Fetch New Data section, and then the Advanced option. You’ll see your list of email accounts set up for Mail app on your iOS device. If your provider uses Fetch, like Gmail typically does, you’re in luck. This is the frequency with which your phone will check the server for new email. The more often it checks, the more impact it will have on your battery.

Hidden Location Services
A less-known feature of the iPhone is the ability to gather a list of all the places your phone goes most to allow your “iPhone to learn places you frequently visit,” according to the Frequent Locations feature details on the iPhone. The app plots iPhone users’ every location, including how often they go there, how long they stay there and when they go there. I believe it’s important for you to choose which programs and services can access your location, especially given the significant battery drain and personal privacy issues that come with your iPhone, right out of the box.

Use Low Power Mode
Apple’s Low Power Mode is unique to iOS 9 and is pretty much provided for this exact issue. iOS will automatically ask if you want to enable Low Power Mode when the battery reaches a critical level. Low power mode temporarily reduces power consumption until you can fully charge your iPhone. When this is on, mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and few visual effects are either reduced or completely turned offThis is around the 20% mark. However, if you’re experiencing battery problems and want to significantly reduce the power usage of the device then it’s possible to manually enter Low Power Mode from within the Settings app.

Low Power Mode, iOS conserves battery life by enacting certain energy-saving measures. For example, the system may:

  • Reduce CPU and GPU performance
  • Pause discretionary and background activities, including networking
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Reduce the timeout for auto-locking the device
  • Disable Mail fetch
  • Disable motion effects
  • Disable animated wallpapers

Perform a soft reset

A soft reset restarts your phone and does not erase any of your content or data.

  • From the home screen, press and hold the Power key and the Home key.
  • Release the Power key and the Home key when the Apple logo appears.
  • Your Apple iPhone restarts.

Replacing Old Batteries

Apple provides a replacement program for batteries that no longer hold a satisfactory charge. For iPhones still under warranty, Apple will replace the battery if it no longer holds 50 percent of its original charge. Apple performs out-of-warranty replacements for a fee.

More than a few new owners of the brand new iPhone have been complaining about the fact that it dies much too soon after being charged. Find out from this article some of the easy tips on how to extend your iPhone battery life. These are some things to know about how to increase battery life in the iPhone 6 in order to better a user’s understanding. Find out if you have already done these simple steps to increase your iPhone battery life. The general issue at hand for iPhone 64 is that the battery can sometimes die very fast. It is such an inconvenience that the battery is so weak because the phone has so many functions. Find out how to tackle these problem by extending the battery life.

Solar Energy Panel System – An Overview

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You do not need to have solar panels on your roof. If there is extra space around your home, then there are other options to think about. An adjustable mount with a powered sun tracking system will allow your solar panels to harness more energy than those permanently positioned on a roof. Installing solar panels in your yard may take up space but the savings outweigh the loss of yard space.

Think about a grid-tied solar system to boost financial savings for your green energy source. This system allows you to sell any extra energy you do not use to your utility company. In this way, you can offset your own start-up costs and the system will soon pay for itself. The amount of time critical loads can operate depends on the amount of power they consume and the energy stored in the battery system. Solar energy systems may be installed with a discount, or you may get one installed for no money at all. The United States government often provides grants to offset the cost of installing solar energy systems.
It doesn’t matter how much sun your property receives every day if shade covers your roof for most of the day. If a solar company claims you can still obtain a lot of power from panels that are blocked from direct sunlight, do not do business with them. This is just false. Particular attention must be paid to the roof structure and the weather sealing of roof penetrations. It is typical to have one support bracket for every 100 Watts of PV modules. Your solar energy expert can help you decide on the optimum place for your panels and how many panels you may require for your needs. Some smaller panels might be better than one large installation, however everyone’s situation is different.
Solar Power Bank India

Solar Power

Do you realize how much solar energy can enhance your life? Choosing solar power is possibly the wisest choices for saving money and making use of an energy source that is always there. The sooner you start using solar power, the better. You’ll be so happy that you did. Another type of system displaces some of the conventional roofing product with building integrated PV modules. Commercially available products currently include roof slates (similar to
masonry roofing) and standing seam metal roofing products.
People decide to buy PV systems for a variety of reasons. Some people want to help preserve the Earth’s finite fossil-fuel resources and reduce air pollution. Most new PV systems being in stalled in the United States are grid-connected residential systems without battery back-up. Many grid-connected AC systems are also being installed in commercial or public facilities. Others want to investing an energy-producing improvement to their property. Some people like the security of reducing the amount of electricity they buy from their utility because it makes them less vulnerable to future price increases.

When installing solar panels for your house, it all begins at the solar array. The solar array consists of photovoltaic solar panels. The solar panels can be affixed to the roof of your house using a rail mounting system that will either come with the panels or may be purchased separately. You can build. the whole installation yourself and save thousands of dollars. And some people just appreciate the independence that a PV system provides.

Solar Panel Components

The main component of a solar panel, a solar cell, is created by using two thin sheets of impure silicon that are covered with a sheet of glass or plastic. Dirt and dust can accumulate on the solar module surface, blocking some of the sunlight and reducing output. The first silicon layer is called the n-type and the second silicon layer is called the p-type. When these two components come into contact they generate their own electric field. When this happens a barrier or diode is formed between the positive and negative sides. This allows electricity to flow in one direction between them.
solar power bank India
The maximum power output of the total PV array is always less than the sum of the maximum output of the individual modules. The power produced by the solar panel is direct current and the appliances in your home operate on alternating current. So the converter is necessary to turn the energy into something usable for your house. Pre-engineered photovoltaic systems can be purchased that come with all the components you will need, right down to the nuts and bolts.

Computer Hardware – Data Processing Requirement (Part – 1)

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We have been looking at various devices that are required to provide the data processing within our computers. Additional pieces of hardware can be used to support safe operation of a computer. Let’s look at a few of the devices that protect and enhance the value of a computer.

Cabling and Connectors

Cables and connectors are a very important part of the computer. They are also a very important part of the life of a computer technician. By understanding the various types of cables and connectors, a computer technician can often identify components and their functions. While cables and connectors look alike, they are not always the same and one
that is incorrectly installed will cause failures.

Parallel Printer Cables

Parallel printer ports and cables are used to connect printers and other add-on items such as CD-ROMs, tape drives, and scanners. Centronics Corporation invented the most common type. This is an 8-bit parallel connection. It uses eight wires for data transmission and additional wires for sending control signals between the printer and the
computer. These control signals tell the computer when to stop or start sending data. A “standard” printer cable is configured with a 36-pin Centronics connector on the printer end of the cable and a standard 25-pin DB (Male) on the computer end of the cable. A standard 25-pin DB (Female) connector found on the back of the computer designates it
as a parallel Port.

With the early dot-matrix printers, communication between the computer and printer was one-way or uni-directional. The data was sent as plain ASCII code, in a continuous stream of data one byte at a time. As printers and operating systems evolved, a more sophisticated method was required. The printer needed to communicate back to the computer to tell it when it was ready to receive data. These printers required bidirectional communication. An organization called IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (pronounced: I triple E) formed a group to oversee the creation of standards for printer ports. The results of their work (known as IEEE 1284 Printer Modes) is as follows:

Bi-Tronics: A modified Centronics connection by Hewlett-Packard. It utilizes bi-directional communication allowing the printer to send messages to the computer (out of paper, paper jam, etc.). This standard is considered the original bi-directional printer mode and can transfer data at 80-300Kb/sec.

EPP: Enhanced Parallel Port – features 2MB/sec data transfer rates, bi-directional 8-bit operation, addressing to support multiple (daisy-chained) peripherals on a single computer. These ports are used with scanners and high-speed printers.

ECP: The Extended Capabilities Port was developed by HP and Microsoft. It features 2 MB/sec data transfer and bidirectional 8-bit operation. These ports can designate whether or not the data being sent to the printer are commands or the data to be printed. ECP supports CDROM and scanner connections, RLE data compression, and
DMA support to increase transfer speed and reduce processor overhead. It is faster than EPP.

Communication Cables

A serial port allows a computer to send data long distances by converting parallel data to serial data. Typical computers will have one or two serial ports usually designated as COM1 and COM2. The “standard” port is a 9-pin male connector on the computer (25-pin cables are also available).

IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus

The newest, (and maybe we should say “hottest”) connecting device today is the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus. This innovative connection method is expected to replace and consolidate the serial and parallel connectors that are used today. In addition, it will replace Centronics parallel, RS-232C and even SCSI. It provides for very high data transfer speeds of 400 Mbps today, and much higher rates to come. This implementation provides the following improvements:

  • A common plug-in serial connector for connecting the computer to many different types of peripherals.
  • A thinner cable than is used for parallel cables.
  • High-speed data transfer rates, with rates expected to climb even higher in the future.
  • Hot-plug and plug compatible. This means that you can attach a new device and it will be detected without the bother of rebooting the computer.
  • Up to 16 devices can be chained together in several different ways and require no terminators or complicated set up issues.
  • Peer-to-peer interface – this means that a device (such as a camcorder) can work with another device without being plugged into a computer.

There are two levels of IEEE 1394: One is used for the bus within the computer and the other for the interface between the device and the computer. A bridge is used to connect the two environments. This device functions as if a peripheral device were attached in slots located inside the computer and sharing a common memory space, thus allowing for the much faster data transfer rates.

Top 10 Android Apps of 2016

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A day where Android users can have full access to Apple’s App Store may be with us sooner rather than later. Some students at Columbia University have developed Cider, a piece of software that enables users to access a wide library of iOS apps across their Android devices. As well as bridging the gap between both operating systems, Cider has also been created for users to have a single device for their app content, instead of needing multiple devices.

The project isn’t currently without its limitations however, with members of the research team pointing out that Apple apps tend to run slightly slower on Android devices and there are performance issues with Bluetooth and GPS systems not working properly. The research team has said that Cider is currently just a prototype, and as of yet, there are no plans to turn it into a widely available product that everyday users will have access to whenever they might need it.

Top Android App

1. Spotify’s new look
If you haven’t tried Spotify recently, it’s time for another look. The app has been completely redesigned with a new
black theme and a much easier to use layout that enables you to build a library of your favorite albums instead of
putting them all in playlist.

2. Radio to go
Spotify also now supports free users in its mobile app, as do most other streaming services. These are always in the
form of a radio service, ad-supported and offering a random selection of tracks. You can normally skip tracks a limited number of times per hour.

3. Scrobble to Last fm
If you use to track what you listen to and find new artists then Spotify is the only app with support built in. If you use another service such as Play Music then get Simple Scrobbler from the Play store.

4. Apps within apps
Apps are becoming an increasingly important part of streaming services. They are usually limited to use on a desktop but Deezer also enables you to add them in the mobile app, including things like lyrics from TuneWiki.

5. Xbox integration
If you’re an Xbox user then it may make sense for you to try out the Xbox Music app for your streaming needs. It gives you access to your music selection on a variety of devices including the Xbox and Windows 8 computers.

6. Local files in Google Music
To combine streaming with local files (to fill those Beatles-sized gaps) Google Play Music is the best app to use. You can automatically upload all your local music to the cloud for free and it combines seamlessly with All Access if
you are a subscriber.

7. Amazon auto-rip
Amazon does not yet have a full streaming music service but it does offer cloud music. You can upload your library
of tracks, and Amazon will also automatically place a copy of every CD you have bought from them into your cloud
storage too.

8. Lossless streaming
When seeking out your ideal music streaming service it is worth going beyond the most obvious names. There’s a
growing list of services, each with their own strengths, including Qobuz, which offers streaming of music in a
lossless format for true audiophiles.

9. Device-specific services
Most of the big manufacturers are starting to provide their own streaming services. We recommend using those that are
available multiplatform, to avoid being tied into a particular company.

10. Bargain deals
Look out for good deals when signing up. Many new companies will offer a lower rate to early subscribers, while the
likes of Spotify and Rdio offer student offers with rates up to 50% lower than the norm.